Emma Jane Hawthorne is one of the main characters in the books. She is described in the 1st-3rd book as a girl with short, curly brown hair and lavender glasses, a little plump and not short, but not tall. In the 4th-5th book, she cuts back and get skinnier.

Friends and Enemies Edit

Jessica Delaney- Jess is Emma's best friend. The two of them have sleepovers regularly and bake cookies at Emma's house at least once a week.

Cassidy Sloane- Cassidy and Emma weren't very good friends in the beginning of book one, but grow to be better friends toward the end of the book.

Megan Wong- Megan and Emma were very good friends up until 4th grade when Megan's family got rich and they moved to a different house. They are not friends in the beginning of the first book , but do become friends in the end.She was also a part of the fab four in the beginning of the book series.

Becca Chadwick- The Fab four (including Becca) are very mean to Emma in the 1st and 2nd books, but Becca becomes a little nicer to her in the 3rd and 4th books. She teases Emma a lot about her weight and about liking her (Becca's) dorky brother, Stewart Chadwick. Emma and Becca grow to be friends as the series goes on.

Zach Norton- Emma has a crush on Zach in the 1st and most of the 2nd book. She has had a crush on him since kindergarten, but he has never shown any special feelings for her.

Kevin Mullins- Emma has always been nice to Kevin and protects him like Jess and Megan do.

Bailey Jacobs: Emma's penpal from Wyoming. Their mothers were friends in college.

Stewart Chadwick: Emma started dating Stewart in the endding of book number 3.

Fun facts! Edit

Emma is the only one of the book-club members with glasses

Emma is on the cover of Pies and Prejudice.


Phoebe: Emma's mother, she is the one who started the book club. Emma's mother is a librarian. She is a big fan of Jane Austen.

Nicholas Hawthorne: Emma's father, who is a free-lance writer.

Darcy Hawthorne: Emma's older brother.