Jessica "Jess" Delaney is described as a girl of medium-height with long blonde hair (that's always in one long braid down her back) and blue eyes and she is very slim. She doesn't have too many friends however She excells at school. She has two little brothers named Dylan and Ryan. Her mom, Shannon, used to play Larrisa La Rue on a tv show called HeartBeats until the end of book 1. Her dad, Michael was the one who decided to make Half Moon Farm (the Delaney's family farm) all organic.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Emma Hawthorne- Emma is Jess' best friend. They have sleepovers regularly and bake cookies at Emma's house at least once a week. Jess says in book 2 that Emma was the only one she really talked to in 6th grade and that Emma was the only one who knew how she felt about her mom and HeartBeats.

Cassidy Sloane- Jess and Cassidy are pretty good friends in all the books Except book one. They get along well, even though they sometimes ( almost never ) argue with each other.

Megan Wong- Megan and Jess have never shown in any of the books that they are super good friends, but they are friends, nonetheless. They get along pretty well in books 2, 3 and 4. They don't really have the same interests, so they don't talk about there hobbies much.

Kevin Mullins- Kevin is the nerd in the books series. He gets picked on a lot and Jess sticks up for him when no one else will. They are both in advanced Math in the 1st through 3rd books.

Darcy Hawthorne- Jess had a crush on Darcy for around four years, and finally he returned the feelings in the 4th book. It is shown that they really care about one another.

Rebecca (Becca) Chadwick- Becca used to call Jess goat girl and were enemies at first. However, when Becca joins the book club and helps save Half Moon Farm in book 2 (Much Ado About Anne), they become friends. In later books like the last book The Mother Daughter Book Camp, they are shown to be really good friends.