Megan Rose Wong is described as a medium height girl with ivory skin with brown, almond shaped eyes and straight, black hair. Her mom, Lily is obsessed with saving the earth and wishes Megan would be more interested in saving the planet. Her dad, Jerry is a computer whiz and designed a computer game and struck rich. Megan's family is asian american. She has a grandmother called Gigi and is very fond of her grandmother since they share common interests. She also is the girlfriend of Simon Berkeley(Tristan Berkeley's brother).

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Becca Chadwick, Ashley Sanborn and Jen Webster- Megan used to be part of the Fab Four, until she wised up and ditched them. Later when they became nicer, they all were friends again with the book club members and there was no longer Fab Four.

Emma Hawthorne- Megan and Emma used to be best friends until 5th grade, when the Wongs got rich and moved to Strawberry Hill.

Jessica Delaney- Jess and Megan seem like they are pretty good friends. They have never shown in the books that they are truly good friends.

Cassidy Sloane- Megan and Cassidy are pretty good friends in the books. They don't have a lot in common, so they don't talk to each other about their hobbies much.