Much ado about Anne is the second book in the series. It has Cassidy on the cover holding a stack of blue and green books.

It is the second year of book club and a new school year. The girls are in seventh grade now. The mothers have invited Mrs. Chadwick and Becca to join the book club. This leads to fights, lost friendships, tricks, tipped over canoes, pranks and a fashion show.

The first chapter starts from Megan's point of view. It's one day after school. It's really hot out and Emma, who's wearing a long sleeve lavender turtleneck, is really warm. Mrs. Delaney asks Jess why she didn't offer Emma anything of her's to wear. Emma tells Mrs. Delaney that Jess did and Emma said no because none of Jess' stuff fits her. Mrs. Delaney disapers and goes to get one of her shirts that Emma can wear. She brings back a t-shirt with a HeartBeats logo on it. Heartbeats was the show Mrs. Delaney was on in book 1. Before Mrs. Delaney came into the kitchen, the girls were making an "invisibility potion" to try out on Jess' little brothers Dylan and Ryan. It's made out of blue food coloring and garlic. They want to use it on Dylan and Ryan so they'll leave them alone. Then they go out into the barn with some peppermint ice cream and sit in the loft. Then Dylan and Ryan show up and Jess tells them about the potion. They each drink some and then Cassidy comes. Megan sees that her face is streaked with dirt and sweat. Dylan and Ryan see Cassidy and go up and say hi. She says hi back and they run and tell Mrs. Delaney that Jess tricked them and made them eat gross stuff, so Mrs. Delaney comes and yells at Jess and goes back inside. Cassidy comes up into the loft area and shoves her face into a blanket. Emma asks what's wrong and Cassidy says it's her mom. Emma asks if she's sick and Cassidy says that her mother started dating again.