Becca Chadwick is described as a girl of medium-height with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is said to be the most popular girl at Walden Middle School and the leader of the Fab Four. She is best friends with Megan Wong, Ashley Sanborn and Jen Webster. Her mom, Calliope is known around Concord for her sharp tounge and rather large hindquarters. Her brother, Stewart is a huge dork and wears taped up glasses.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Megan- Megan and Becca are best friends.Their friendship became a bit strained in the first book when Megan quit the "Fab Four" but they have  remained best friends.

Emma- Emma and Becca are frenemies. Becca teases Emma about her weight, and the fact that Emma likes Becca's brother, Stewart. They are okay with each other after the second book but Becca can't help snapping at Emma sometimes.

Jess- Jess and Becca are frenemies. Becca teased Jess in the first two books and in the beginning of the 3rd book about her family owning a farm.