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All These Characters And Events Belong To The Authors of The Mother Daughter Book Club: Heather Vogel Frederick and Shireen Dodson.

Cassidy sighs as they drive over to Emma's house, a care basket on her lap and a hockey stick besides her. They were going over to meet the Berkeley's, the people who have swapped homes with her friend Emma. Her mother gives her the Queen Clementine lecture before the exit, knocking on the door. A pretty older lady, i guess Mrs. Berkeley, answers the door and warmly says hello. The two mothers chatter before

Tristan groaned silently as his mother called him to the door. Grudgingly, he comes and comes face to face with a tall red headed girl and her mother. His eyes linger on her sweaty hockey jersey in disdain before he glares down his nose at her. He answers with a quipped Hello before sniffing the air as if he smelled something foul.

Cassidy discreetly sniffs herself before deeming that she doesn't smell that bad. Besides she was just in hockey practice. She grudgingly gives him the withering glare of a girl who doesn't care what he thinks.

Tristan rolls his eyes discreetly and gives a polite goodbye, before wandering back inside to the living room.

Cassidy catches the gaze of her mother who gives her the evil witch mother eye of death before they turn and leave with a promise to invite them over for dinner.