Tristan Berkeley Edit

Tristan is an ice dancer who was living in Emma Hawthorne' s house in ​Pies and Prejudice. He also maybe Cassidy Sloane 's future boyfriend.


Tristan is described as being tall, having brown hair, and blue eyes.Everyone says he is drop dead handsome and impossible not to stare at. He is described by Becca Chadwick as being "tall dark and handsome." Cassidy Sloane throws the retort "how about tall dark and loser?" back at Becca. Later in the last book, Cassidy rephrases his appearance as the best looking guy that she has ever seen.


Tristan has a younger brother, Simon Berkeley, a mom, a dad, and distant cousins Annabelle and Sophie Fairfax. He has a parrot named Toby.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Tristan is enemies with Cassidy Sloane at first, but then as the plot progresses, they turn out to like each other quite fondly. They shared a kiss in Chawton Place in book four. In fact, in Home For the Holidays, Cassidy mentions, during Christmas when she is in California and Tristan takes the time to give her a present, having to talk to her sister, Courtney, about Tristan and the signing of his name on her present as Fondly, Tristan. In book six, they share another kiss in the concord rink.

Tristan is very close to his brother, Simon. It was mentioned in the 4th book that his brother worships him.

Annabelle, his distant cousin was obsessed with him and considered him as her own property and sometimes her boyfriend. Tristan does not have a major dislike for her since she is his cousin.


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